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Organization & Culture

Together, we can shift to a digital mindset – one interaction at a time.


There is a burning need to find ways of combining industrial know-how with an understanding of data driven business, and the way we think of leading and learning will have to fundamentally change.

Change needs to start from the top. That is why active engagement from the CEOs and Chairs is one of our uncompromisable requirements for accepting new associated companies into the network.

Change runs on trust. As such, non of our companies compete in the same industry and all work under a shared non-disclosure agreement, allowing them to speak more open heartedly about their struggles and moments of success.

Change happens when we interact.

What we currently do in the field

Upskilling in concert.

Workforce transition is next decade's largest socio-economic challenge. Collegial is an online platform developed together with our companies alongside global top universities to educate and train employees.

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Specialist forums.

All year, we run specialst forums with our companies to spark collaboration in specific technology areas or disciplines. Today we cover:

  • HR
  • Cybersecurity
  • Analytics
  • Open Innovation
  • Smart Production
  • Chief Digital Officer

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Brain circulation.

We arrange two executive conferences a year for the Chairs, CEOs and CXOs in our network to meet and share knowledge.

Moving businesses, one interaction at a time.

We are creating a digital twin to scale interaction and knowledge sharing between our companies.

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A toolbox for software development.

On a joint mission to simplify the usage of Open Source, we work in Design Partnerships with our companies to create a toolbox for software development.