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Mix is a data science and analytics company working exclusively for the Combient network to scale AI across the Nordics.



Industrial machine learning

Consumer & Customer Analytics

Business support

Data Science Campuses

Industrial machine learning

We work with problems ranging from factory optimization to predictive maintenance and conditional monitoring for connected machines. As an example, determining the health of rotating machines from their vibrations.

Consumer & Customer Analytics

We work with customer churn prediction and customer service automation using natural language processing to understand intent and sentiment.

Business support & growth

We use our expertise in areas such as price forecasting, revenue management, product lifetime profitability, and product recommendation engines. As an example, building a recommender system for wound treatment with Mölnlycke.

Data Science Campuses

We build educational packages to develop the skills of our partners and customers. As an example, designing a Citizen Data Scientist Campus for employees at Scania.

We're hiring

If you get excited by tackling a diverse set of problems, and want to work with talented people in a dynamic and autonomous environment, you should join us.