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What we do together

There is a burning need to find ways of combining industrial know-how with an understanding of data driven business, and the way we think of leading and learning will have to fundamentally change. And we dare to say, it is not bound to a specific industry — that is why we build on collective intelligence. Combient is, by its nature, proving how companies can collaborate to tackle transformation challenges.

An exclusive Community Platform

As part of the network, everyone that works at any of Combient's Associated Companies has access to our virtual community – Combient Twin. Here you can access valuable insights in different formats, participate in engaging discussions with other Combient members, and stay up to date on all of our networking opportunities and events.

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Specialist forums

All year, we run specialist forums with executives and experts in the network to share knowledge and spark collaboration in specific disciplines.

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Business transformation

Combient Transform supports companies along the business strategy process, from maturity assessment to transformation planning.

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Flagship conferences

Combient brings together the network’s CEOs and Chairs, alongside Executives and Experts, in two major conferences each year to share knowledge, ideas and successes.

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Data and AI driven Efficiency

Silo AI, one of Europe’s largest private AI labs, and Combient Group established a strategic partnership in June 2023. As part of the partnership, Silo AI acquired Combient’s AI subsidiary Combient Mix and has thereby strengthened its position as one of Europe’s largest private AI labs.

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Circular and low carbon value chains

Combient Pure is a new initiative by the Combient network to revolutionize value chains towards low carbon and circular business.

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Global venture client alliance

Combient Foundry speeds up innovation across your company by leveraging world-class startups through a shared venture client model.

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Impact through learning

Collegial is a Combient Group company, supporting organizations to be competitive and people to stay relevant through learning.

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Joint collaboration space

In partnership with Vasakronan, Combient provides a 2 500 square meter co-working space in downtown Stockholm for our associated companies and selected innovation partners to meet and collaborate.

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Corporate Venturing

Combient Catalyst is an initiative, where Combient, together with companies in Combient's network, finds, invests and scales innovations.

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Bug Bounty program

The Bug Bounty program aims to proactively pressure test the security at participating companies by inviting ethical hackers to find unknown vulnerabilities — before the unwanted hackers do.

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