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Specialist forums

All year, we run specialist forums with executives and experts in the network to share knowledge and spark collaboration in specific disciplines.


Today we cover:

  • HR Forum for HR Directors
  • Security Forum for Information Security leaders
  • Analytics Forum for Data & Analytics leaders
  • Open Innovation Forum for Innovation leaders
  • Smart Production Forum for Smart Production leaders
  • Legal Forum for Heads of Legal

The specialist communities that exist within the Combient network is much thanks to the individuals’ contributing to it with their engagement and expertise. Our communities grow bigger and stronger by the day.

HR forum

The mission of the HR community is to help the participating HR leaders to better and more confidently support the digital transformation of their companies. No one company has to invent the wheel on their own, as a lot can be created together.

An example of such co-creation is our edtech company Collegial which started off as an answer to the HR community's long-standing question: How can we provide opportunities for continuous learning, in a way that people want to engage in?

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"Sharing is caring. Caring for your own professional and personal development, caring for cross-company collaboration and caring for knowledge transfer and support between organizations and people. That is what you will experience in joining the HR community."
Cecilia Sandberg, Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer at Atlas Copco

Security forum

Within this forum, security leaders exchange experience on how to best address their biggest security challenges, including Supply Chain Security, OT Security and Secure software development. The group also works to develop shared solutions to common security challenges.

Trust is crucial in the Security community as it addresses particularly sensitive matters. The community has been hosting forum meetings since the early days of Combient in 2015, and investing time is one of the key elements in building trust.

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"To me, the strongest value of the Security forum is the peer-to-peer discussions, sharing of best practices, and insights from various exercises and external presentations."
Johan Boije, Chief Information Security Officer at KONE

Analytics forum

The analytics community gathers experts from the field of data science and analytics around a shared mission of becoming data- driven organizations. Participants exchange information around advanced data analytics, benchmark their activities and seek collaborations for gains in efficiency and innovation.

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"The main benefit of the community is knowledge sharing, we get an opportunity to learn from each other. Sometimes we have parallel discussions outside the community when we identify common questions or needs, and it's very beneficial to have this community of individuals focusing on similar questions in non-competing organizations."
Salla Franzén, Group Chief Data Scientist at SEB

Open Innovation forum

The Open innovation community gathers innovation and strategy leaders around a joint mission to build innovative companies for the future. There are many experiences and emotions accompanying being an innovation leader. There is an urge to move faster, but conditions may not always be there. Strategies may need to be refined, KPIs to be adjusted, ecosystems embraced, ways of working adapted etc. Finding the right priorities, levers and initiatives are stepping stones for building the future innovative companies.

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"The forum opens up for new types of collaboration between the companies that would not be possible without Combient. Every workshop that I have joined has a high knowledge factor and lots of out-of-the-box thinking. The outside-in perspective gives me a new possibility to share learnings with my home organization."
Erik Kruse, IoT Partner Manager at Ericsson

Smart production forum

The Smart Production community supports the companies’ transformation into smarter production processes, also referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0. This is done by sharing the network's collective knowledge and empowering key leaders through the active support of experienced peers. Key topics include how to best upgrade brownfield sites and how to pilot new solutions.

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"I have gained access not only to a network of successful companies but also to people at these companies who work to try to understand how they can increase efficiency, quality and predictability in their business through the use of digital tools."
Hans Olofsson, Senior Advisor, Global Industrial Development at Scania

Legal forum

The mission of the Legal community is to equip key individuals in legal functions to more confidently support the digital transformation of their businesses.

This community, formed in 2020, consists of key leaders in the Corporate Legal Functions who solve problems on a daily basis, and are in areas such as contracting, IP, regulatory compliance and more. The impact of shared work in the legal space brings confidence in and understanding of how this function can serve as a key enabler in moving the business forward.

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"Data is a relatively new field, and this forum provides the platform where the legal minds can meet to discuss the common challenges and share some of the proposed solutions."
Monika Mehndiratta Gupta, Senior Group Legal Counsel at Ericsson

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