Moving faster together.

Combient is a business transformation company, but not the ordinary one. We gather Nordic leaders from multiple industries in a world-first collaboration network.

Who we are

We exist to create competitive business advantages for all. Through our collaboration model shared by 28 large enterprises, and a supportive ecosystem of top universities and startups alike, our network has created a space for shared assets and rapid growth.

How do we work then? Daily engagement with the executives and experts among our associated companies gives us an ability to really connect the dots. We listen and we identify the common needs running cross industries. Then we test and make new solutions to meet those needs. And share the knowledge, for the benefit of everyone.

Our Associated Companies

Combient gathers 28 Nordic leaders with a total of over 140 billion Euro in net sales, more than 550 000 employees, and the scale to impact.
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Associated companies


Data science

What we do with Associated companies

We collaborate. Together.

The companies in our community have existed for a long time, and our job is to make sure that they continue do so in the future as well. The success of our community is instrumental for the growth of Nordic society: both for busines and people.

Access the community

Through our community you will be able to share and work with our entire portfolio of diverse businesses and startups. By sharing knowledge and expertise with each other, we are able to go further, together.

  • Combient Executive Conferences and Summits
  • Big events, such as Slush
  • Local meetups and gatherings
Access the community

Specialized expertise

Combient has some of the world’s best and foremost experts in data science. We have data scientists, analysts and the cutting edge resources needed in order to accelerate innovation. Addressing both challenges and opportunities head on, ready for the next big technological shifts.

  • Top-talent pool of data scientist & analysts
  • Up-skilling of existing staff through our Analytics Campus
  • Acceleration through core AI-work in automation, data mining and machine/deep learning
Specialized expertise

Accelerated innovation

Digital know-how and actual transformation - that’s what we’re aiming for. Sometimes we know exactly where we’re heading, sometimes we need to explore further. What we know for certain is that using our vision and formula, together we can build, realize and achieve almost anything.

  • Data quality: making sure data is coherent
  • Software supply-chain: controlling and simplifying the digital supply-chain
  • Data management: the overall thinking/strategy around data
  • AI-Capacity: upping the capabilities in AI
Accelerated innovation

What we do for startups

Scaling innovation.

Connecting what you do to business who really needs you. That’s what we aim for. First, there’s Combient Foundry. Here you have a specific technology, service or product that can address the need a specific company in our community has. Second, there’s Combient Spark. Here you provide a specific technology or solution that can be applied to solve a broader challenge.

What you will get

Global client
There are +25 large businesses in our community. And you will be able to co-create and get access to their knowledge and see how you can help each other.
Get to the market
We radically reduce your time-to-market and respect your IPs. No red tape, no hassle – that’s our way of working.
Fast growth
We are not just another accelerator or VC. Combient Foundry is fully focused on helping you to partner with industry leading early adopters of your technological solutions.
Industry expertise
Simply put, your success is our success. We offer world-class industry expertise from C-level executives for you to work with.

Our process

1. Onboard

From day one, we focus on making you a trusted partner. You will scope a paid pilot project with our business and technology experts. You will also receive help, for example with contracting and IP-rights.

2. Pilot

Pilots. A natural, but difficult cycle for all startups. But through pilots and proof-of-value’s, we always aim to take it to the next step. Side-by-side with a client, we can make your work come to life. For real.

3. Scale

After a successful pilot, we continue to develop a long-term commercial partnership enabling your global growth. Using insights and findings to push it to the next level.

Combient Foundry

Find a single company need to apply a specific tech solution to.

To Combient Foundry

Combient Foundry

Combient Spark

Matching cross industry business challenges with cutting edge technology.

To Combient Spark

Combient Spark

What we do in data science

The AI that makes a difference.

AI and machine learning technologies have huge potential. Anyone who secures mastery will and can break away from the pack. And Combient is uniquely positioned to make a difference in how AI is used in the Nordics.

What we do.

We do a lot of different things in Data Science, here is a teaser of what we offer:

  • Top experts in Data Science
  • AI, Machine Learning & Analytics
  • Incorporation of relevant tech
  • Spreading of knowledge internally
What we do.

There is fierce competition for highly qualified experts in the area of AI and analytics as well as a severe shortage of people who can solve complex AI problems. Having a critical mass is essential for really scaling AI. Here at Combient, we have that pool of competent Data Scientist which may be the key to solving such complex problems.

Our associated companies have the opportunity to think beyond their vertical industry”.

At Combient there’s always space for talented and exceptional people. And that might be you, reading this right now. See our open positions here, or just give us a shout out if you’re interested in talking to us. We hope to hear from you.

From unknown to known. People really are starting to get the difference we make”.

We’re hiring

We’re always on the lookout for talented people. And that talented person might be you, reading this right now.


Mats Agervi
Torgny Gunnarsson
Deputy CEO
Jonas Wettergren
Head of Human Resource
Anders Ösund
VP Technology and Innovation
Ali Sarrafi
CEO, Combient MIX
Jukka Ryhänen
Managing Director, Finland

Board of Directors

Tom Johnstone
Carl Lindgren
Sara Mazur
Christian Hedelin
Martin Johansson
Antti Koskelin


Stockholm Office
Sveavägen 17, 4 floor
Helsinki Office
Tekniikantie 14, 02150 Espoo
Gothenburg Office
Kyrkogatan 20-22, 41115 Göteborg

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