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Impact through learning

Collegial is a Combient Group company, supporting organizations to be competitive and people to stay relevant through learning.


How it works

Collegial brings together world-leading content, learning process, and data insights on one platform. The solution is tailored to support your business objectives.

  • Strategic Learning is impact-focused learning to upskill teams. The learning process is connected to identified business goals with peer-to-peer interaction. Aligned with your business goals, you get quality curation based on 28,000+ learning items.
  • Open Learning is a self-driven learning approach and gives you world-leading digital learning experiences, all in one place. Collegial lets employees develop the right skills at the right time and help drive your business forward.
  • Collegial Programs are co-created by and tailored for Combient's associated companies. The three launched programs are AI for Business Leaders, Leading Digital Acceleration, and Agile Essentials.

Get inspired

"Jobs, or job tasks, will become obsolete and we as large corporations need to take our responsibility in helping create new ones, while in SEB's case, fostering entrepreneurial minds to create new value to our customers. Therefore I truly welcome everyone in the Combient network to join the movement."
Kristina Bixo, Global Head of Learning & Development at SEB

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