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Helping our Associated Companies get even stronger

Combient always strives to help our Associated Companies stay strong in their transformation work. To enable this, we form selective strategic partnerships to share, learn and collaborate.


Xertified is a company that has developed a patented security solution for connected devices in (I)IoT, IT and OT networks. It protects any type of device, from society critical infrastructure to healthcare equipment and industrial robots, and can in simple words be compared to a digital padlock that can only be opened by a trusted user, with an undeniable digital identity.

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Stream Analyze

Stream Analyze offers a leading platform for edge streaming data. It is an AI platform that can perform real-time model training based on locally gathered data, shortening the deployment of Machine Learning models.

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Gimic has a solution that performs image analysis and performs autonomous visual inspections using AI. Gimic can help in standardizing and speeding up inspections, as well as provide traceability and AI models to make production more cost-effective.

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