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Xertified is a company that has developed a patented security solution for connected devices in (I)IoT, IT and OT networks. It protects any type of device, from society critical infrastructure to healthcare equipment and industrial robots, and can in simple words be compared to a digital padlock that can only be opened by a trusted user, with an undeniable digital identity.


What the partnership means to Combient’s Associates

Xertified is a partner to Combient. Xertified’s XoT technology™ was created to protect everything with an IP address and a standard communications port from potential intrusions, both legacy systems and state-of-the-art equipment.

The solution is based on three components; a client software for any type of end-user equipment (computers, tablets, phones etc), a security proxy, and a management system that establishes connection rights based on identity, policies, and rules. XoT technology complements existing tools and techniques and will allow any type of equipment to be operated on any type of network, with full security. XoT technology can secure individual devices or dedicated network segments and can also connect users from Internet in to secure networks with full end-to-end encryption

Cybersecurity and external threats are huge challenges that all companies are facing. With the constant increase of digitization, new security risks and attack vectors are added on a daily basis. As these threats increase, governmental demands on companies (such as NIS2) will become higher, and the need to be compliant will be crucial. Xertified can assist in complementing current security solutions on your company’s way to secure long term operability.

If you want to understand more about what XoT technology can do for your specific needs and requirements, please contact Martin Eriksson, CEO ( or Marcus Dikvall, Commercial Director (, or the cases of Jämtkraft and Testa Center are available to read about.

About Xertified

Xertified provides security solutions for a safer Internet, and in the end – a more secure society. By eliminating the possibility of interfering with IoT devices, Xertified also contributes to a safer Internet as a common foundation for fair play, innovation, and business opportunities for companies and users of advanced IoT technology. Learn more at