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Gimic has a solution that performs image analysis and performs autonomous visual inspections using AI. Gimic can help in standardizing and speeding up inspections, as well as provide traceability and AI models to make production more cost-effective.


What the partnership means to Combient’s Associates

Combient’s partner Gimic can support our Associated Companies by offering a solution that can improve efficiency in production. Standardized visual inspections combined with the Industry 4.0 principle data will provide a guide to the right decisions for your company. By combining cameras with AI, Gimic enables more advanced and efficient inspections. By automating quality assurance and gathering data in a standardized way, a company’s processes will be guided by facts. This has the potential to increase a company’s productivity and revenue.

Besides being more cost effective, Gimic's solution also makes it possible for employees to avoid doing hazardous or unhealthy manual inspections. This also enables the company to place its employees where they perform more valuable tasks. Additionally, ensuring quality in the industry and providing traceability, enables the businesses to have greater control over their production. This will reduce the number of defects and waste which saves the earth's resources.

Gimic’s solution has been implemented successfully in many production lines, including places like Hordagruppen and Swepart Transmission.

About Gimic

Gimic develops an autonomous vision inspection system based on the latest advances in machine learning technology to help you discover defects and optimize your production flows. We combine cameras with AI which enables more advanced and efficient inspections. Learn more at