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Data and AI capabilities

Combient Mix is the network's data science and analytics company, supporting associated companies on their AI transformation.


A holistic approach to AI

Combient Mix helps companies to generate tangible business value from data from three perspectives:

  • Enablement as a Service. Applied Data Science Campus for employees beyond the analytics team to help companies become truly data-driven. Get inspired by peers here and here
  • Competency as a Service. Access to senior data scientists and data engineers, bringing cross-industry AI expertise to complement our companies' own subject matter experts. Get inspired
  • Data as a Service. Access to secure and high-quality data from companies and value chains beyond your own.

"It is a very well designed program, with the right mix of theory and real use cases. One of the best courses I have attended at Ericsson."
Echedey Arencibia, Data Science Analytics at Ericsson and one of the campus participants

Solving real challenges

Determining the health of rotating machines from their vibrations, building a recommender system for wound treatment and improving the geological mapping of the rocks in mining — the Combient Mix team of top data scientists and engineers are working hard to solve the real challenges in AI.

Examples of what we do:

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Image analysis
  • Recommender systems
  • Factory optimization
  • Churn analysis
  • Text analysis
  • Dynamic pricing and forecasting

"Regarding the data, we have learned that not all AI projects have to be super complicated. Sometimes it is enough to sit down with experts and look at it together. The team at Combient Mix has such broad knowledge, applying their expertise and experience from completely different industries, from banking to mining. And the fact that our own subject matter experts were included in the process, instead of sending away the data to an ‘expert black box’, made the acceptance of the solutions really high, and gave us good input for future projects."
Henrik Sundberg, Manager Epiroc Labs – Digital Business at Epiroc

Ready to jump on the AI wagon?

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