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AMD acquires Silo AI

Stockholm July 10, 2024 Silo AI has today announced the signing of a definitive agreement to join forces with AMD. Silo AI and AMD have an aligned mission to create a global leader that will shape the future of computing while preserving the essence of Silo AI as a leading AI lab with global reach.


Together with AMD’s capabilities as a compute platform leader, Silo AI will have the opportunity to work with more advanced and larger AI initiatives, collaborating with partners to drive technological progress and AI advancement. As Silo AI has a proven track record of AI development on AMD platforms, this is a logical next step in scaling joint value creation.

Silo AI will continue to be headquartered in the Nordics and Europe, but add capabilities to extend their global presence, reach, and impact, in line with Silo AI’s mission. They will continue building AI-driven products with Silo AI’s clients, contributing to complex R&D innovations in AI, and training performant multilingual open source models, particularly covering European languages.

Read more about the announcement in AMD's press release.