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Blq invests in the future of edtech: Collegial

Blq (building legacy quota) leads an investment of 19,2 million SEK in a first tranche together with JCE in the edtech company Collegial. The number of users on Collegial’s platform have grown rapidly to 15,000 in a short period of time. Our vision is to become number one globally within corporate learning, says founder and CEO Ronald Bernette.


Collegial is developing a Learning Experience Platform helping organizations to drive continuous professional development in the workplace and society-at-large. Collegial collaborates with global leading universities and content providers to offer world-class learning content, a marketplace and a learning community through their platform.

"At the end of the day, we are all personally responsible for our own professional development and education at work to keep up with the competition on the labour market. On the other hand, employers need to enable continuous learning in the workplace to attract, retain and develop employeest in order to secure top talent and stay competitive on the global market", says Ronald Bernette, founder of Collegial.

Together with blq invest, Collegial will accelerate their growth and make the platform accessible to more users.  With SEB as their first client and design partner,.Collegial is applying user driven product development with the joint ambition to develop a market leading learning experience platform.

"Collegial is checking all the boxes. In a short period of time, Collegial has together with SEB reached impressive engagement among their 15,000 users", says Kamjar Hajabdolahi, founding partner blq invest.

One of the biggest challenges companies face today is to re- and upskill their employees, and keep up with the workforce transition.

"We see a massive need of reskilling and upskilling within and beyond our industry network. Thanks to Collegial’s learning experience platform, we can access world class learning content; partly through the network’s co-creation of tailored courses, but also by partnering with globally leading universities and content providers. The learning experience platform has taken a couple of major leaps during last year, and is now being utilized on a national level", says Mats Agervi, CEO of Combient and a member of the board of Collegial.

Collegial launched in 2019 with SEB as their first client and has grown to 15,000 users. During the fall of 2020 Collegial has worked together with The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries to launch a national learning platform to support the need of upskilling and reskilling during the pandemic.

Read the article on Di Digital (in Swedish).

About Collegial
Collegial is a Stockholm based EdTech company. Our Learning Experience Platform helps organizations to drive continuous professional development in the workplace and society-at-large. Our vision is to create the most engaging and accessible learning experience in the world. To take on this challenge, we have gathered a team of curious developers and learning designers alongside senior leaders from industry, public sector and academia.

About blq invest
Blq, Building legacy quota, invest - company builders focusing on tech and innovation. By investing in early-stage tech companies we want to be the catalyst for growth and innovation. Our craftsmanship spells competence, market and innovation. We invest locally but think globally. That’s our legacy. Blq invest is investing 200MSEK in 10-15 companies. SEB, Lena Apler, Lars Backsell and Noel Abdayem are some of our investors. Blq invest is founded by Kamjar Hajabdolahi.

About Combient
Combient Group works with 30 of the largest companies in the Nordics on a joint mission to speed up digital transformation across industries. Today, Combient counts 30 companies representing as many industries, a total of over 150 billion Euro in revenue and more than 550 000 employees. The network is collaborating under a joint NDA across boards, management and business units. Together with Combient's team of specialists as well as an ecosystem of top universities and startups, we have created an out-of-the-ordinary space for shared assets and rapid growth.