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Combient Catalyst invests in Stream Analyze and supports further expansion into industrial companies

Combient Catalyst invests in Stream Analyze as a continuation to drive innovation that matters for the Combient network companies. With a focus on data-driven business models and enabling technologies, the second investment was closed at the end of 2022.


Stream Analyze offers a leading platform for edge streaming data. Its record small platform footprint, ability to orchestrate various data formats and innovative workflow enable and shortens deployment of Machine Learning models and any type of analytics on fleets of small edge devices.

“To implement data-driven business models on products you need to gather and process data locally. Stream Analyze offers an AI platform that can do this, on any device, and perform real-time model training. This enables data insights and a dramatically faster model training” says Anders Ösund, Head of Strategic Investments at Combient.

“Access to Combient’s leading cross-industry collaboration network in the Nordics together with its investment into Stream Analyze gives us excellent opportunities for further growth and expansion. I believe our solution fits many of Combient’s Associated Companies and am looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.”, says Jan Nilsson, CEO at Stream Analyze

Combient Catalyst is now heading into 2023, continuing to look for new innovations and supporting in scaling those.

For further details or media inquiries, please contact:

Combient Group:

Anders Ösund

Head of Strategic Investments

+46 73 524 18 24

Karin Olby

Chief MarCom and Platform Officer

+46 720 774 080

Stream Analyze

Jan Nilsson, CEO, Stream Analyze Sweden AB

+46 733 346 834

Combient leads a network with the largest leading Nordic companies from different industries towards the common goal of accelerating digital transformation. Combient comprises 35 companies with a total turnover of EUR 190 billion and more than 800,000 employees. Learn more about us at

Combient Catalyst was set up early in 2022 to become the early-stage investment and venture-building arm for Combient companies. Our focus is to find and verify the most innovative and transformative B2B innovations and teams. We support innovations with industrialization and scaling with customers.

Stream Analyze provides a groundbreaking software engine that enables an interactive deployment of AI and local smartness on any device. It becomes a tool in the hands of people in the whole organization, allowing them to change the way they do business, forever.